Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



Now a days we hear a word “Cloud Computing” quite often and suddenly we start thinking about this word. One might think that due to technological advancement may be some company has installed some device on clouds through which we can do computing . Perhaps this thinking is right partially.

In the word “Cloud Computing” if we replace  cloud with internet then we can understand it better. In fact word “Cloud” here refers to Internet. So we can also call it Internet Computing. To understand the concept of CC(Cloud Computing) suppose Mr X had started a small company “My Brand”. Initially  Mr. X  was doing all the work from his own like he used to prepare products, collect orders, supply products, collect payment. As the business grew  Mr. X was having problem in managing all the work. He wanted to concentrate himself in the office and product making as he was expert in product making so he appointed some staff and purchased some delivery vans. Now he could concentrate on product making but at the same time overheads of the company had gone up. Then one of his good friend suggested him to hire the services of companies those can deliver the goods, take orders and collect payments. Then Mr. X calculated the expanses for hiring those services, he was shocked. Expenses for hiring were almost 40% less then the current expenses.

Cloud Computing is a kind of service where you can hire different services as per your need and budget. Company offering CC installs hardware, software,  manages maintenance , recruit people for development and maintenance. What you have to do is to pay for the service you want.

Suppose if I am user simply using my system for my work, which needs different costly softwares, applications . So I will have to take care of software upgrades, license fee etc. But if I go for CC then all this headache is for for the company plus my system memory will be free for some extra and fast work.

If I run a business then I will need  a website, hosting server, database, some specific application and work force to maintain it. Whereas CC keeps me tension free from all this.

If I am a developer I will need a platform to develop applications. CC provides it.

So we can see that as per our need we take services. Now if I am having a smartphone and I am going from one place to another I can use applications easily for my work.

So we can say that CC is a set of hardware, storage, network and it delivers softwares, applications , interface storage facility through internet.

Examples of CC is numerous . First of all we take the example of web based E-mail services like G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. There we can manage our E-mails in different ways plus it is accessible from any part of the world.

Other examples include  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flicker, Picasa, Google docs and the list goes on.

Many big players have also invested in CC like Google, IBM, Amazon, Dell  etc. and they offer various services as per the need of clients.


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