New Google Map

New Google Map


Google has recently revamped its map and added so many features which are helpful for us to locate any point any where in the world.

To use this service you should login to your google account and then go to google page and click on the point shown in the following image.

Google page
Google page

You will be presented with a dropdown with icon for different google apps. You can drag and drop these icons as per your choice and requirement.

Google map icon on google page
Google map icon on google page

When you will click on the google map icon you will be presented with the screen something similar to the following screen

New google map

Here in the input box you can type any thing which you want to locate. For example i have typed ” Hotels near connaught place New Delhi” and i got the following result .


Red icons are denoting the results i.e. Hotels near connaught place New Delhi. On the left side you can see a white panel with some options and results. Let us talk on those options. if you click on ” Top Reviewers ” the you will be prensented with hotels with top reviews by experts. If you click ” Your Circles ” then you will get results as per your circle which you have defined in your Google account. Suppose you are already having 5 hotels near connaught place in your circle in Google account then those Hotels will feature in the results.
When you will click on the small arrow beside ” Any ” the you will get some options like 3 Star or more, 4 Star or more etc.

Now for example i have chosen Le Meridien ( I have clicked on the red icon showing the name of Le Meridien) then i got the following screen.


Here on the left side you can see i have been presented with all the information about the hotel.

Now if i click on the icon for direction then i will have to give the point from where i want direction. I have given the option New Delhi and it has shown the following result.


Here if you will move the cursor along the colourful path presented to you the it guide you through popup. Suppose you want step by step directions then click ” preview steps ” on the left panel and you can view step by step guide. To move forward and backward you can click (>) or (<).


If you click on Transit icon the you will be presented with options of public transport for that particular route.


If you click ” Street view ‘ on the bottom right of the screen you can see images or videos of places along that route.

There are other options too like Flight directions, Biking directions, Creation and sharing of your own custom map but for them i want you to explore the new google map.


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